Prof. Lyubomir Halachev and his new documentary “The Instructive Story of the Life of the Proshek Brothers” (2014)

Premiere – May 2014 in the cinematheque theatre Odeon


As a commemoration of the 130th anniversary from the opening of the brewery “The Proshek Brothers”, a new documentary has been created, dedicated to the famous Czech brewers.

Prof. Lyubomir Halachev and his crew pull the curtain off some curious facts about the life and activities of the Proshek family.




Claudia Proshek during the shooting day

The screenwriter Vladi Kirov, during a period of 3 years, had to dig himself in the archives in order to reach even the smallest details of the biography of Georgi/Irzhi and Bogdan/Theodor Proshek. The film unveils to the public the hard road of the two brothers from their birth-city Berou /Czech Republic/, through Vienna, to Bulgaria. The cameraman Emil Penev masterly has shot beautiful historic places and landscapes from the Bulgarian environment, in which Georgi and Bogdan fall in love and choose Bulgaria for their second Homeland. With love and respect toward our country, they change their names to Bulgarian!


Claudia Proshek -great-great granddaughter


The film is a “Kadiak film” production with screenwriter Vladi Kirov, cameraman Emil Penev, and producer and director is the rector of NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” prof. Lyubomir Halachev, with the kind support of the National Film Centre and CEZ Bulgaria.


Mr. Peter Dokladal, regional manager of CEZ Bulgaria shared with the journalists that “for us it is a great honor that we were invited by the NATFA rector prof. Lyubomir Halachev to support and contribute to the popularization of the documentary “The Instructive Story of the Life of the Proshek Brothers”. This film was a great interest of mine.” According to him, the film will uncover new horizons and will acquaint the public with curious facts about the life and the activities of Proshek brothers. “For example that they were among the authors of modern Sofia’s city plan, they have built the first printing house in our Capital, the first brick factory, and the first electrified building in Bulgaria is their Brewery”. They have built Orlov and Lavov Bridges, which are seen everyday by the citizens and guests of Sofia, as well as the first Railway station in Sofia.


In the cinematheque theatre “Odeon”, with great interest on behalf of the public, the documentary “The Instructive Story of the Life of the Proshek Brothers” was presented. The Proshek brothers have played an important role for the development of the Bulgarian Capital and the Bulgarian industry.


In the end, Peter Dokladal and prof. Lyubomir Halachev invited all guests of the premiere to attend a cocktail in the theatre’s foyer.

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